Stromboli – the Lighthouse of the Mediterranean

Therasia Resort is located in the Aeolian Islands with stunning views of the archipelago.  One of these islands, Stromboli, the northernmost of the Aeolian archipelago, is characterised by its mysterious charm and constant volcanic activity.  The island is about 13 square kilometres in size with about 450 inhabitants who rely on tourism to make a living.

Stromboli has always sparked curiosity and interest amongst travellers and well as scientists. Known as the Lighthouse of the Mediterranean, Stromboli is in a constant state of activity and serves as a reference point for boats approaching the Calabrian and Sicilian coasts.

Today, the islanders affectionately call the island IDDU (‘him’ in Sicilian) referring to the uncontrollable natural phenomenon.  The islanders don’t fear the volcano.  Interestingly, they have the greatest respect for it.

The Stromboli volcano is 926 metres above sea level and the base is more than 1200 metres below sea level.  The eruptions are relatively low in intensity so visible signs are low to the volcano. More explosive eruptions from other volcanoes around the world can see lava erupting to a height of tens or hundreds of metres.

Visit Stromboli

The best way to see Stromboli is from the water. Organised boat excursions stop in front of the Sciara del Fuoco, where a large amount of eruptive product cascades down into the sea.  From a safe distance the view of the volcanic is spectacular where eruptions occur every 20 minutes.  The best time of day to see the volcano in all its glory is at sunset.

The other way of experiencing the volcano is by climbing to the top of the crater.  This is not for everyone although an independent climb is permitted to 400 metres.  To go higher, to 800 metres, climbers need to be accompanied by a guide.  Trips generally depart late in the afternoon to reach the summit when it is dark.  The ascent takes about 5 hours.  At that altitude you can feel the volcano ‘stir’ beneath your feet – the spectacle from that viewpoint is incredible.


There are many pretty beaches to enjoy on Stromboli.  Whether you are looking to stroll along fine black sand, a trail to a vast expanse of black pebbles or the perfect snorkelling spot. Stromboli has a beach for you.  Highlights include the turquoise waters contrasting with the black granite on Punta Lena Beach, the underwater arch  on Lazzaro Beach and the popular beach of Ficogrande.


There are several excellent dining options on Stromboli.

Osservatiorio Restaurant

Osservatiorio is a traditional Aeolian house nestled on a hillside offering spectacular views of the volcano from the splendid terrace.

Ai Gechi

Ai Gechi offers an intimate experience with sea views from the terrace.

Punta Lena

Punta Lena offers a serene dining experience under a pergola with a spectacular view over the sea and Strombolicchio.

The team at Therasia Resort and Spa can arrange visit to Stromboli as well as restaurant bookings and guided tours.

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